About us

Our values

  • Group Intelligence: a divers team of coaches, each with his or her specialty, at your service.
  • Together we aim for the best possible result, for each individual participating in the outplacement program.
  • Integrity: we say what we do and we do what we say we will do, in a respectful, open, honest and transparant way.
  • Resultdriven: the Panta Rhei team is 100% dedicated, without losing sight of the final goal.
  • Quality: we strive for high quality in all aspects our daily contacts.
  • Passion: ‘what you like doing is what you do best’. At Panta Rhei we are passionate, driven and empathetic in everything that we do.
  • Dedication: our coaches are committed to providing outstanding executive outplacement guidance. Every executive will be in the midst of the greatest professional attention and care.

Why we make a difference

  • Top managers work with top teams

    No executive ever reached the top on his/her own. Every senior manager can count on a talented team. And why should that be any different in outplacement coaching? We believe ingroup power. . A carefully selected team of top experts, that share their knowledge with each other, is ready for you.

  • You choose

    At Panta Rhei we consider each person and each situation as unique. That is why every service is tailor-made. We do not work with a standard package and will therefore tune all guidance to the executive’s world and his/her professional requirements.

    You choose who of the coaches you want to work with, what you require and what approach you prefer. You can choose from a qualitative selection of services and programs and can combine trajectories with multiple coaches. We are there to help you set your direction but will never force you to do anything. We do not offer 'off the shelf' solutions, this allows you to use your outplacemet time as you see fit and will help you make faster progress if you so wish.

  • A healthy mind in a healthy body

    The past few years, a lot of attention has been paid to employees’ mental health in the business world, and we applaud and support that. We want to take that one step further by inviting you, if you wish to do so, to take care of your body as well. Thanks to a special collaboration with Marc Herremans, we can make this happen.

  • We connect

    We connect with you, with each other within Panta Rhei and with the outside world. This gives us a wealth of insights and a large network that we’ll be happy to share with you. By connecting, we keep a close eye on everything that professionally goes about to increase your opportunities.

  • We are always close at hand

    Our team has a heart for people and works with you shoulder to shoulder for as long as it takes. Moreover, we work at different locations so that there is always someone nearby who can support you.

  • We make your work a life's work

    Giving the best of ourselves so that you can soon be at your best in your next professional challenge. We are sure that the enthusiasm of our enthusiastic team is contagious.

  • Neutral

    Panta Rhei is an independent organization on the outplacement market. This means that all of the existing sources to find a new professional challenge can be addressed without restrictions.