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Leadership coaching with Georges Anthoon

Georges Anthoon will challenge the executive, based on his elaborate business and people management expertise, his intuition and sharp mind. This way he evokes fast insights and professional growth. However, the 'tone of voice' in all this is very respectful and development-oriented, for the executive coachee to feel appreciated while simultaneously discovering and acknowledging his/her pitfalls.

What’s to be expected from these sessions?

For whom?

Executives, senior managers,
board members, high potentials...


Georges supports, challenges, mirrors and coaches executives who want to evolve into the best 'professional' version of themselves, in balance with their private lives.

On location Georges works throughout Europe in three languages: NL, ENG and FR.

Executive business coaching

Georges Anthoon offers a diverse range of Executive Business Coaching for individuals and teams.

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    Leadership Coaching

    1-on-1 coaching for experienced C-levels (CEO, COO, CFO, CHRO, CMO...) within your organisation and managers who want to further explore their qualities as a leader.

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    High Potential Coaching

    For high potentials who want to prepare for a role as Executive, Director or Partner in a professional services company, by means of personal coaching.

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    Conflict Coaching

    Georges helps individuals in organizations to make collaborations constructive again, and to avoid conflicts in the future.

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    Stand Your Woman Coaching

    Georges helps women in a male macho (executive) world to stand their ground and continue to develop themselves in full strength.

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    Reinventing Yourself Coaching

    This coaching focuses on dismissed executives and/or in preparation for the landing phase of their career in order to give even more meaning to their lives.

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Good leadership is an art. Do you wish to have your executives efficiently trained in this art?