Corporate styling

Style your (first) impression with Francine Heirbaut

As a "Styling Inspirator", Francine helps professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, organizations ... to make their identity, talents and qualities visible and to push boundaries in styling.

Styling has a reinforcing effect. Francine creates an awareness process in which the inside and outside merge into one. She evaluates if and how the employee’s personal style represent who he/she is and how this fits into the employer branding and corporate brand of your organisation! 

Workshop ``style your first impression``

Employees are the face of the organization. In addition to knowledge, experience and offering (business) solutions, a good first impression is paramount.

It is important to make a good impression to customers, business partners as well as to colleagues and other team members. This applies to all levels of an organization, from receptionists to the sales team, HR department, line managers, the leadership team and associates. The sum of all levels support the organization’s professional and strong image and reputation.

The workshop takes half a day and can be adapted to the requirements of your organization!  

Personal styling for your organization’s professionals

Francine Heirbaut will help build your employees’ personal style to make their talents visible. With the coachee, she deep-dives into the coachee’s personal objective and translates this into how color, style and design impact each individual.

The awareness-raising process is central here. In this session we focus on personal growth. Take the opportunity, during times of change, to make that difference!

In one half day, in an individual session, the coachees will work together with Francine to develop and establish their desired personal style.

For whom?

Teams (sales, HR, line managers, leadership, teams, board members) that wish to enforce their employer branding.

Organizations that consider personal branding and corporate dresscode.

Individual professionals that wish to work on self-confidence, image and personal branding.


The workshops 'Style your First Impression', 'the impact of your appearance', (digital) presentation skills ...are for companies, organisations, teams ... who want to establish a professionally strong corporate image and reputation. In these workshops we show, by naming talents, displaying colour and style characteristics, working around self-confidence; how to enhance the impact of your executives' image. We show who they are and how this fits into a 'employer branding' and 'personal branding' or 'corporate dress code'. This workshop can also be framed in a well-being program, a teambuilding, an incentive...

Focus on strengthening your teams’ charisma with the guidance of our specialized coach!

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Style Your (First) Impression – Show your strongest version!

7 seconds… that is all the time you get to make a lasting first impression. Together with Francine, coahees can focus on personal styling to improve their first impression!

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