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Would you like to align your body and mind? Marc Herremans’ coaching program will guide you through a physical challenge that will ensure mental fitness and resilience.

For whom?

Executives, senior managers, board members, high potentials... who want to align their body and mind.


Expand your boundaries by making the right effort at the right time. This coaching program focuses on physical fitness, mental resilience, healthy nutrition, ergonomics and body balance. A step-by-step plan is provided for you. This includes intensive coaching, a personal program and tailored follow-up on your results. More info can be found in the product sheet below.


This coaching starts with an extensive screening of your body:

  • Sports medical examination by sports physician
  • Effort test @ 185 Coaching Center
  • Injury preventive test
  • Intake at dietician


Afterwards, a customized schedule will be made so that you can start your personal program in a responsible way. The best solutions will be found for your goals! Several specialists at the Coaching Center 185 are ready to give you the best support (psychologist, nutritionist, sports doctor, osteopath, ...).

Make a no-obligation appointment with Marc Herremans today to discuss your plans.

In search of an effective, personalized coaching program?

The objective

  • Maintain a healthy general lifestyle.

  • Obtain a good work-life balance.

  • Learn to set goals and structurally work towards them.

  • Take responsibility for your own life path.

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Product sheet Wellbeing

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Do you, as a C-level, want to link an extra challenge to executive outplacement? Physical challenge provides mental strength. We have an exclusive partnership with 185 Coaching Center, founded by none other than Marc Herremans.