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executive outplacement

Executive Outplacement

Thanks to our executive outplacement services, companies can offer their outgoing senior managers excellent support in defining and achieving personal career goals. With the help of our decentralised executive consultants, our clients discover how to identify the right opportunities more quickly, resulting in superior results.

Personal Styling

Personal Styling

Francine Heirbaut focuses on 'self-confidence' and pushes your boundaries in styling. She translates your talents into your appearance. Discover more about this coaching!

Communication & Business Coaching

In this coaching program you can find out who you are as a leader, how you can communicate more effectively, how to develop coaching competencies ... The result is an improved collaboration with your colleagues and connective communication!

Leadership & Executive Business Coaching

Would you like to receive efficient training to improve your leadership skills? Georges Anthoon dares to challenge based on his broad business and people management experience, his intuition and sharp mind. In this way, you will achieve fast insights and professional growth.



Would you like to link an extra challenge to executive outplacement? Physical challenge provides mental strength. We have an exclusive partnership with 185 Coaching Center, founded by none other than Marc Herremans.

Office Space

Would you like to make use of a pleasant location to give your inspiration and creativity free rein? Take a look at our brochures and enjoy a pleasant office at Fosbury & Sons and/or MeetDistrict!