Executive outplacement

Executive outplacement & coaching: professional guidance after dismissal

Thanks to our executive outplacement services, organisations can offer their outgoing senior managers excellent support in defining and achieving personal career goals.

With the help of our decentralized executive consultants, you will discover how to identify the right opportunities faster, resulting in superior results. We understand the challenges faced by an organisation and departing executives during a transition. With our expertise, we can guide you with a positive outcome for both parties. No standard number of hours of coaching, but a palette of choices that we determine together in order to achieve the best result for you.

Our executive outplacement programs offer you a very personalized service. It is not up to us to prescribe or suggest what you should do, but to facilitate a process in which you feel supported to make a career decision based on a more complete picture of your qualities and your personal market value.

All our services are designed to meet your unique needs. Every executive, every situation is different, and so is every outplacement trajectory at Panta Rhei. At the same time, the quality of our services and the dedication of our coaches are always guaranteed.

In addition, you can contact several coaches and experts. Different areas of expertise, insights and personalities complement each other and provide an extensive network that we put at your disposal.

Why Panta Rhei makes a difference

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    We are not just an outplacement office, we are a neutral office that is not part of a temping - or recruitment and selection office. So we have only one concern: to guide you as quickly, as well and as personally as possible to a new professional challenge, and this solely in your interest.

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    No choice stress

    What's more, with us you get so much more than guidance in your search for a new challenge. Do you already have an outplacement package, or are you negotiating with your (former) employer about the modalities? If so, we can help you optimise the offer to which you are entitled and adapt it as well as possible to your specific needs. Because we always start from your care, not from our offer.

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    So much more than traditional coaching

    You will be surrounded, not by 1 coach, but by a team of specialists who will guide you through the whole process. Moreover, in addition to the 30 or 60 hours of coaching laid down by law, you can decide for yourself to opt for specialised, tailor-made coaching, within your budget.

    Have you always wanted to get on the Mont-Ventoux or do you just want to give your body a new start? Do you want to discover how to make a statement with your clothes and your look? Do you want to learn to communicate more easily with your colleagues or in the media? Would you like to challenge your brain once more and follow an executive training? That's all possible!

What does Outplacement cover?

"Outplacement coaching is support in personal processing of the dismissal, alongside guidance towards a new professional challenge."

Each outplacement program is shaped to your needs and can cover a wide range of topics. We list some of those topics for you:

  • Psychological support

  • Practical support

  • Thorough self-analysis & personal branding

  • A plan of action

  • Administrative support

  • Extra:

    • Personal styling / corporate branding
    • Office Spaces
    • Well-being
    • Communication training

Would you like to know more about this? Feel free to request a free introductory meeting with one of our top experts.

Find out what the processing path is about, what your rights and obligations are as a job seeker, how we will help you with your application and all related questions. Even when an outplacement program is imposed on you by your ex-employer, in some cases you can determine your choice of outplacement organization.

Who is entitled to outplacement?

There are different types of outplacement:

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    You have a notice period or - compensation of at least 30 weeks.

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    You have less than 30 weeks' notice and you were at least 45 years old on the date of your dismissal, and worked for your employer continuously for minimum one year.

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    You have less than 30 weeks' notice to perform and you are younger than 45: there is no legal framework but you can follow outplacement counselling: Career Transition. Please contact us for more information.

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    Your employer ended your contract because of medical force majeure.

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    Your employer ended your contract because of compelling reasons.

Do you want to know more about outplacement?

Product sheet Executive Outplacement

Download our product sheet about executive outplacement & coaching