Communication & Business Coaching

Communication & business coaching with Hilde Debackere

Hilde Debackere's mission is to establish a qualitative dialogue, initially with yourself.

Doubts, choices, uncertainties and change often make it difficult to make clear decisions. As a result, communication with others often does not run smoothly. But don’t worry about this too much, this coaching offers a solution!

What can you expect from Business Communication Coaching sessions?

  1. Leadership, starting from who you are – wander coaching: During this walk (these walks/wandering), one-on-one or with colleagues, we use the symbolism and tranquility of nature to come to insights. As a result the participants are able to pinpoint: what kind of leader am I?
  2. High potential: Research has shown that you can increase the performance of a team by allowing more ‘safety’ in the team, rather than by bringing in more expertise. In a personal program you will discover how psychological safety can create value at different levels for yourself, your employees, the team and the entire organization.
  3. Communication with impact: Do you want to communicate more efficiently and targeted? In order to communicate well with others it is useful to take a closer look at your own style. We analyze your own style and all the assumptions and patterns that come with it. Thanks to a personal follow-up with concrete tips and assignments, you gradually discover how you can exert more influence on your environment and your stakeholders.
  4. Start to coach: Do you want to focus on the development of your coaching skills? Then you can register for a personal program or you can opt for group intervisions.

For whom?

For leaders who want to position themselves better from who they are instead of what they do.

For professionals who want to communicate more impactfully with colleagues, with the media.

For leaders who want to hone their coaching skills.


A coaching trajectory or a training with Hilde always starts from a thorough analysis in which not only the rational mind is addressed, but also an appeal is made to your intuition, your feelings, your underlying patterns. She takes you (sometimes literally) on the road and allows you to come to new insights yourself. A no nonsense approach combined with a good portion of energy and positivity help you to make the change you have in mind.

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In this coaching program you can find out who you are as a leader, how you can communicate more effectively, how to develop coaching competencies ... The result is an improved collaboration with your colleagues and connective communication!