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Executive Outplacement & Coaching

Panta Rhei' means 'everything flows'. The phrase is central to the philosophy of the Greek philosopher Heraclitus. He said: "no one ever steps twice in the same river, because it is not the same river and he is not the same man".

When we started looking for a name for our executive outplacement services, we easily related to Heraclitus' philosophy. Everything is constantly changing: the global economy, the labor market, leadership styles, executive search, organizational structures, but also the ambitions and aspirations of tomorrow's leaders are evolving.

Our carefully selected team with many years of experience meet those executives who (voluntarily or unvoluntarily) find themselves on the banks of the river and want to prepare themselves for a new plunge into the professional life. We do this with personal attention and dedication, we listen to their fascinating professional stories, their obstacles and their wildest dreams. We will always do so with the greatest care and discretion, and time and time again the actual person behind the executive will be central.

How we see it

  1. We share our network and we stay by your side for as long as necessary.
  2. We work on your life's work. The best ever. We help talented, ambitious business leaders (like you) compete for top management positions where they are given the chance to give the best of themselves.
  3. Our team consists of carefully selected top experts with years of expertise. Admittedly, a top executive is a man or woman of the world that counts on a top team that knows what it's all about. This is no different during a transition period.
  4. Don't worry, we don't change people, people will change by themselves when the time is right. Because we believe that every human being is born with a large portion of wisdom to know exactly what is good for him or her and what he or she wants to accomplish in order to have a fulfilled life.
  5. If you wish so, we offer professional opportunites to reconcile body and mind and will show you the way.

Coaches in your area

Francine Heirbaut

Francis Offermann

Georges Anthoon

Dirk Van Mechelen

Luc Dekeyser

Marina Avau

Rite Callewaert

Hilde Debackere

Chris Van den Bergh