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Passion for Work in the province Antwerp

Our coaches have been active in business or education themselves. We will help you realize your dreams or your dream company, and at the same time give you a realistic view on the world.

In addition, our coaches are also specialists in: giftedness, multipotential, highly sensitive (HSP), leadership, perfectionism, stress and burn-out prevention, career transition, job training, your branding

We have coaches in:

    • Antwerp
    • Berchem
    • Tree
    • Brasschaat
    • Yellow
    • Hove
    • Itegem (near Heist-op-den-Berg)
    • Turnhout
    • Vorselaar

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How does our career guidance?

In concrete terms: you request an introductory meeting without any obligation and we do the rest. You will be within two days We'll contact you to go through your needs and expectations and match you with the right coach. Ready to get started? Then during the phone call you can also set a first appointment with your coach.

You are not entitled to career cheques but you would still like to follow career guidance? Contact us for an informal talk and we will see what we can do for you.

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Career guidance at Passion for Work

Are you eligible for career checks and ready for the next step? Good for you. Here's what you need to know:

  • You can order your career cheques via the VDAB website at

  • You can order one career check at a time. After you have completed the first four hours of guidance, you can also order your second cheque.

  • Your order is private. Your employer will not be informed about your purchase or coaching trajectory.

  • Once you have ordered a career voucher, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from Edenred. The day after Edenred receives your payment, the cheque will be in your e-mail box.

  • Send your career check to your Passion for Work coach by email or print it out and bring it to your first appointment

Coaches in your area

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