Travvant introduces unique and exclusive outplacement offerings under the name Panta Rhei

Antwerp, 28 October 2020

Travvant introduces unique and exclusive outplacement offerings under the name Panta Rhei


From October, Travvant will expand its outplacement offering with a unique form of guidance for senior executives. Senior professionals receive a highly personalized, tailor-made service where each client can turn to several experts.

Panta Rhei's team consists of carefully selected executive consultants from various backgrounds. They work at different locations in Belgium and work in 4 languages. With Panta Rhei, Travvant also responds to the increasing trend to see body and mind as a whole and therefore works exclusively with former triathlete Marc Herreman. In this way, executives can also pay the necessary attention to health and fitness in their outplacement trajectory.

With this new offer, Travant expands its existing range of career guidance, inplacement and outplacement. In times of reorganisation, companies can thus call on a single reliable and independent partner who guarantees professional support for all employees: workers, professionals, managers and executives.

Roeland Van Dessel, Managing Director of Travant: "Executives have reached the top, of course thanks to their efforts and qualities, but also because they were surrounded by a top team. We want to offer them such a team in times of reorganisation and dismissal. We don't offer 'off the shelf' solutions or just digital sessions, but we do offer tailor-made trajectories where discretion, proximity and expertise are central.

Annick Huybrechts , CEO of Travvant: "In everything we do, the person behind the leader is central. We want to challenge our client to think differently, to rejuvenate and to reconcile body and mind. We are convinced that with this renewed approach, we are a trendsetter in the executive outplacement market.

Travvant is the reference in the field of outplacement, career guidance and inplacement activities. Travant offers independent guidance to individuals and companies in times of dismissal or reorientation. More than 30 experienced and certified consultants in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia spread over more than 130 neutral locations guarantee a personal approach and proximity.