Luc Dekeyser

My mission is to help professionals to (re)discover their resilience. Resilience is the ability to adapt to stress and adversity in order to come out of it even stronger. It is not only about 'bouncing back' to the original position, but about the ability to grow. Since this always is a learning process, I start by identifying the coachee’s personal learning style. As a base line starting from what is going well and subsequently focussing on issues and pitfalls (appreciative inquiry or appreciative approach). Being result-oriented I work with a concrete step-by-step plan.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. - John Lennon

My Story

I gained experience in social services, higher education, the industry, commercial services and at the government. My passion is about what professionally drives and fascinates people. In my career, I have seen people suffer most from extensive "quoted" evaluations, at the expense of coaching and result-oriented feedback.

Over the past 20 years, as a manager I have guided and coached a lot of colleagues and as a social pedagogue I (naively) continue to believe in the development of people's talents and competencies from a positive drive rather than from a problem-solving approach. In doing so, I always found that feedback works better as an approach than a quoted evaluation.

Above all, getting older has also taught me how to put things into perspective and that is a strength!

Additionally, during my work in Third Level Education, I have published multiple scientific papers. Below you will find, among others, some master's theses on coaching:

  • VAN DER GOUW, French (2010). Coaching vs. Counseling. A comparison in essential characteristics. ALBA-University Veldhoven, Master of coaching science, published master thesis, 145 pp. (Supervisor: Luc Dekeyser and Johan Bouwer)
  • 255 TURLINGS OF BOOKING, Elma (2010). Flowers are red. A study of the theoretical usefulness of the Creative Action Methodology in comparison with team coaching and intervision as an instrument for facilitating learning processes in professional teams. ALBA-University Veldhoven, Master of coaching science, unpublished master thesis, 59 pp. (Supervisor: Luc Dekeyser)
  • BALKESTEIN, Geert (2011). The coaching profession in the Netherlands in 2010. An inventory of the professional characteristics of coaching and the professionalism of the coach. ALBA-University Veldhoven, Master of coaching science and meaning, unpublished master thesis, 67 pp + appendices. (Supervisor: Luc Dekeyser and Hans Van Buuren)
  • DE GRAAFF, Emmy (2011). Behavioral coaching and ADHD. The effects of behavioural coaching on school results. ALBA-University Veldhoven, Master of coaching science and meaning, published master thesis, 72 pp. (Supervisor: Luc Dekeyser)


Social pedagogue -guidance in learning and change processes for individuals, groups, organizations and parts of society - Relativation ability - personal vision - leadership - ability to invent new concepts - communication skills - teacher/trainer - feedback - resilience - positive attitude - learning based on talent

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